Where to Find the Best Views Around Lake Tahoe

Straddling the border of Nevada and California is the picturesque Lake Tahoe. Its beaches are stunning, its skiing is renowned, and the views are sweeping from all vantage points. Every side of the lake has its own personality and things to offer, but they all share a beautiful view. Luckily for you, we break down the top places for a superb view in Lake Tahoe. 

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay is a state park in South Tahoe, and it has some of the most beautiful morning views. Hike to the top of Eagle Falls for unparalleled views of the bay and its cascading waterfalls. Here, you’ll see lush pine forests and water glistening under the morning light. If you’d rather drive, you can head to Inspiration Point, which has the best views of the bay, as well as Fannette Island. 

Mount Tallac

Don’t forget about Mount Tallac, where the summit is accessible via an out-and-back trail. Look at the mountain from down below, as the peak is beautiful with or without snow; however, the snow adds a certain glimmer to it. Head to Kiva Beach or Fallen Leaf Lake for prime views of the mountain. If you’d like to challenge yourself to hike to the peak, you’ll get incredible views of the clouds and water below, so the work will be well worth it. Don’t forget your camera to capture the moment! 

Cave Rock

Cave Rock is a fantastic place to see down the entire south shore. You’ll see Round Hill, Stateline, and even further. It’s also one of the most accessible hikes, so it’s a great trail for beginners and families. Cave Rock is also known for its unbeatable sunset views. Bring a cheese plate and some drinks to enjoy while you watch the sun’s colors fade into the night.

Heavenly Gondola

The Heavenly Gondola is also in South Tahoe, and this attraction is one of the best ways to see the sights. You’ll ride over two miles to reach an elevation of 9,123 feet. From the observation deck, you’ll see the entirety of Lake Tahoe, as well as the Desolation Wilderness. If you choose to continue via the Tamarack Express chairlift, you’ll get even more breathtaking panoramic views and access to some of the best hiking trails. 

D.L. Bliss State Park

North of Emerald Bay State Park, you’ll find D.L. Bliss State Park. There are plenty of hiking trails to choose from here, but the most popular one is the Rubicon-Lighthouse Trail. The trail leads to Rubicon Point’s Lighthouse, which was built in 1919 and restored in 2001. This lighthouse is the highest-elevation lighthouse on water, so you won’t want to skip out on this! Explore the lighthouse, appreciate the views, and then swim at the surrounding beaches.

Memorial Point Scenic Overlook

Located between Incline Village and Sand Harbor, Memorial Point Scenic Overlook offers a bird’s-eye-view of all of Lake Tahoe, as well as the surrounding rock formations. Walk with your dog or take your bike along the bike trail between Tunnel Creek and Sand Harbor. The 2.6-mile loop provides some of the best views in the area.

Skunk Harbor

Skunk Harbor is the ideal spot for water lovers who want to enjoy the panoramic views while swimming. It’s only accessible via a 1.6-mile trail, but it’s an easy enough walk for children and dogs to accomplish. There are great views from the trail, but you’ll find the best views at Skunk Harbor Beach or “the cove,” which is a secret beach along the trail. The trail splits into two paths — one leads to Skunk Harbor, and one leads to the cove. Regardless of which way you choose to go, both spots have fantastic views from the water.

Mount Rose

Mount Rose is the highest point of Tahoe Basin, sitting 10,778 feet above sea level. Hike the Mount Rose Trail to reach the summit. While it’s a rather long and difficult hike, it does include a waterfall and alpine lakes, so the summit views are well worth the trek. 

Zephyr Cove

Another great “from the water” view is at Zephyr Cove. Get adventurous and rent a paddleboard, or take the 2.5-hour daytime cruise, which is considered the “Best Cruise in Nevada,” according to Nevada Magazine. There are lots of remote coves and beaches in this area, so in addition to enjoying the view, you can find a private spot to relax. 

Lower Glen Alpine Falls

Deep in the Tahoe woods are Lower Glen Alpine Falls. This impressive waterfall is full of deep colors, like the bright white of the water and the dark red of the surrounding rocks. Access it from the Glen Alpine Trail, which is an easy one-mile hike that is perfect for families. Mornings here are calm and empty, meaning you’ll have access to unobstructed views of this powerful waterfall. Stay as long as you want, and soak up every bit of the stunning scenery.

Tunnel Creek

This 4.7-mile hike is ideal for moderate-level hikers who want summit views. Located in Incline Village and accessible via Tunnel Creek Cafe, this trail leads to Monkey Rock — a rock formation said to look like a gorilla’s head. If you climb to the summit, you’ll see the monkey, as well as panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. You could also opt to climb about 15 to 20 minutes right before sunset. This easy hike will give you breathtaking sunset views with minimal effort. 

Sunnyside Restaurant

If you like your food with a view, then head to Sunnyside. This restaurant and lounge serve fun food and cocktails, like fish tacos and Mai Thais. Their deck is massive and overlooks the lake. Boaters can also boat up to the restaurant and enjoy the lake views from the comfort of the boat.

Logan Shoals Viewpoint

This vista is just south of Glenbrook and is accessible on foot. The viewpoint is perfect for taking photos or just sitting and relaxing to enjoy the panoramic views. If you want to keep moving, you can climb down to the shore to enjoy views of the water. This viewpoint is an easy way to access views from the car.

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